Change Log

Version 0.61 (Bootstrap3 Initial Release)

This is the initial release that updates shinyBS to work with Shiny v0.11 and Twitter Bootstrap 3. Shiny's update to Twitter Bootstrap 3 broke most of the functionality of shinyBS. This is the initial release to get things working again.

This is a partial release in an effort to get what seems to be the most used functionality working again. There where major changes to Bootstrap with the upgrade to version 3 and some functionality that components of shinyBS relied on have been removed and may not be re-incorporated into shinyBS.

  • Alerts
    • type argument has been changed to style for consistency.
    • inputId argument has been changed to anchorID for clarity.
    • message argument has beend changed to content for consistency.
  • Collapses
    • style argument was added to bsCollapsePanel to apply Bootstrap styles.
  • Tooltips and Popovers
    • options argument was added to allow advanced users more customization options.
  • Modals
    • size argument in bsModal allows different sized modals.
    • toggle argument in toggleModal allows you to specify open or closed.
  • Buttons
    • bsActionButton and bsToggleButton were replaced by bsButton with a type argument.
    • icon argument allows placing of icons in buttons
    • ... allows additional attributes to be set in the button like actionButton.

Version 0.30 (Depreciated/Never Released)

  • New Menu System - Implemented new menu system based on Bootstrap's navbar element.
    • bsMenu() creates three different types of menus:
      • toolbar - similar to bsNavDropdown(), creates top-level menus in a navbar.
      • submenu - creates submenus in an existing toolbar or popup menu.
      • popup - creates a contextual popup menu that appears when you right-click on a targeted ui element.
    • bsMenuItem() creates three different types of menu elements:
      • command - the equivalent of actionButton().
      • checkbox - the equivalent of checkboxInput().
      • radio - the equivalent of radioInput. Provide multiple radio elements the same group attribute to link them together.
    • bsMenuWrap() - A wrapper for any text-like inputs (e.g., textInput(), numericInput(), or bsTypeAhead()) or buttons that format them to work better within navbars. This replaces the individual functions that existed in the bsNav scheme. Only bsMenuDateRangeInput() remains as a stand-alone function for menubar inputs.
    • bsMenuGroup() - A convenience function that allows you to create many bsMenuItem() elements at once.
    • bsMenuItemGroup() - A function that ties multiple menu elements together so that changing one automatically changes the others. This is so that you can have access to the same functionality in multiple locations (e.g., being able to add a trend line to a graph from a navbar menu or from a contextual popup menu.)
    • bsMenuDivider() - adds a horizontal dividing line to a menu to help organize elements.
    • bsMenuHeader() - adds a non-clickable heading to a menu, again, for organizational purposes.
  • Modals - Use bsModal() to create modal windows. These are triggered from a button or link and can contain any combination of inputs, outputs, or standard html.
  • Alerts - Added a check so that if an alert already exists with the same id as the alert being created, the new alert isn't created.

Version 0.20 (released: 2014-03-19)

  • pageWithNavBar() - I forgot to include the pageWithNavbar function in the NAMESPACE file so it wasn't exported.
  • Buttons/Button Groups
    • Fixed bug that shinyBS javascript/css wasn't loaded if only buttons/button groups were used in an app.
    • Added block argument for creating block level buttons and button groups. (They expand to fill the full width of the parent element)
    • Added vertical argument for creating vertically oriented button groups
  • Tooltips/Popovers - Tooltips and popovers will work with the new selectize-type inputs in shiny 0.9.0.
  • Tables - Added experimental table highlighting functions
    • highlightCells() lets the user highlight cells based on their contents
    • highlightRows() lets the user highlight entire rows based on the content of a table column.

Version 0.10 (released: 2014-03-11)

  • Alerts - Create alert anchors in your ui.R script and add alerts from server.R
  • Tooltips - Add and configure tooltips on any element with an inputId or outputId with bsTooltip() from the ui or with addToolTip() from the server.
  • Popovers - Works the same as Tooltips but useful for more content heavy applications.
  • TypeAhead - Works just like a 'textInput' but you can provide custom autocomplete lists to guide the user to specific inputs.
  • Progress Bars - Fully configurable Progress bars that can be updated and changed from server.R.
  • Navigation Bars - Create Bootstrap style navigation bars with buttons, links, dropdowns, etc that control your shiny app.
  • Collapse Panels - Create collapsable panels that allow you to remove some clutter from your app.
  • Buttons Groups - Create button groups that behave like radio buttons or checkbox groups
  • Buttons - Access Twitter Bootstrap styles and sizes for action buttons and toggle buttons