Installing shinyBS

Getting Ready

Before you can use shinyBS you need to have several prerequisites installed. This should be fairly obvious to anyone who is wanting to use shinyBS but in the interest of completeness...

Installing R

shinyBS is an R package so you should have R installed. You can install it from one of CRAN's mirrors.

Installing RStudio (optional)

While not completely necessary, I would recommend installing RStudio. RStudio is an IDE for R from the same people that make shiny. I find it much easier to work in R with RStudio than to use the default interface. In addition, since it is made by the people that make shiny, they have added features that streamline the making of shiny apps.

Get it from RStudio's website.

Installing Shiny

shinyBS extends the functionality of shiny so you need to install Shiny to use it. In the R console type:


Installing shinyBS

Once you have completed the prerequisites you have two options for installing shinyBS.

Installing from CRAN

This is the safest option. Install from CRAN if you want the version that is least likely to have bugs. I try to test thoroughly before releasing a version to CRAN so you will be least likely to encounter problems if you use this method.

You can install shinyBS from CRAN like any other R package. In the R console type:


Installing from GitHub

Install from GitHub if you want to have the most up-to-date version. There is a better chance that you will encounter a bug, but you will have access to any new feature that have been added since the last release to CRAN.

Installing from GitHub requires that you have the devtools package installed. In the R console type:


Once devtools is installed you can install shinyBS from the R console:


Using shinyBS

In order to use shinyBS in a shiny app you must load the package when the app loads. In both server.R and ui.R you must include:

at the top of the page, right after
That's all there is to it. You can use shinyBS components just like any other shiny component. See the reference section for a list of all the features currently available in shinyBS.